Solution Design

  • Email
  • Phone System
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Internal and External Web Pages
  • Application Integration
  • Data Storage
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Cloud Services

  • Office 365
  • Exchange Online
  • Offsite Backup
  • Hosted Evironments
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Product Selection

  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Firewalls
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Networking
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Outsourced I.T.

  • Managed Services
  • PC Repair
  • Network Diagnostics
  • Project Management
  • Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting
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Industry Specific

  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Education
  • Industrial
  • Small Business
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Systems Review

  • HIPPA Risk Assessment
  • Security Audits
  • Network Performance
  • Systems Performance
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Your Certified Systems Integration Experts

We believe in a "Business Value" approach to consulting.  A large gap exists between available technology and it's strategic implementation.  Businesses have a desire and economic incentive to close this gap.  NetSys+ offers an array of IT services which enable our clients to focus on what they do best, manage and grow their own business.

Every business has unique needs and we believe every business large or small deserves an expert.  Our clients range in size from one user to thousands of users.  We use experience gained from customers in different environments to bring the "best of the best" value propositions to the organizations we work with.


Solution Design

Every Business Has Unique Needs

And every business, large or small, deserves an expert.
We use experience gained from a wide spectrum of clientele to bring the "best of the best" value propositions to the organizations we work with.

NetSys+ helps businesses implement technology by designing solutions that provide value. From simple email and file sharing to wide area networks with centralized data services, we can assist in engineering, implementing and maintaining simple and complex networks.

Some networking needs are common to most business.  The good news is  that most are widely available in economic packages.

Larger organizations with more complex environments need the engineering and experienced based solutions that NetSys+ brings to the table.  Systems integration continues to expand as does the necessity for secure design and data protection.  Working with our clients we provide solutions with an eye on platform stability to address future needs and facilitate growth.


Phone Services

Stay In Communication With Customers and Co-Workers.

Let Netsys+ assist by configuring a custom communication system that meets the needs of a modern workplace.


Cloud Services

Keep Your Mind On Your Organization and Off Your Servers

Let Netsys+ help you move you to the cloud.  We can assist you in migrating your current environment to the cloud or build a new cloud infrastructure.

It may make operational and financial sense to move data backups, email, office collaboration and even line of business applications to the cloud.  As a Gold Certified partner we work with Microsoft to provide cloud solutions for email, office and collaboration.  Or move to our hosting infrastructure, the AutoTek cloud, for servers and backup services.

Let us worry about power, bandwidth, maintenance, and all of the other hassles that come with owning your own hardware.


Product Selection

Choosing The Right Product Can Be Overwhelming

Netsys+ has the experience and knowledge to guide you in the selection of software, services and equipment to keep your organization running smoothly.  We work with our vendor partners to purchase and configure quality in a cost effective manner.  If you don't deal with purchase decisions for IT regularly, the choices can be overwhelming.  We can help you pick through the array of options for computers, servers, firewalls, software, cloud options, internet connections.... and other products available to find the solution that work for your company.

Netsys+ works with clients to understand their computing and business requirements first and then we match those needs to a solution.  No matter what type of organization, from medical to manufacturing, we will get you the access to  technology to move your business forward.


Outsourced I.T.

We Can Fix It So You Don't Have To

NetSys+ is a full service company.   Need a printer installed, server upgrades, a computer fixed?  We can do it all.  Our team can manage your infrastructure or supplement your current IT staff.  We work through the tough networking options, office moves, new line of business needs, server projects, and everything in-between.

Many organizations don't have the resources to pay for full time IT staff and that's where Netsys+ can help.  Or maybe you already have IT staff but need a little help with monitoring or project work, we are here for you.  No job is too big or to small for our team to accomplish.


Industry Specific

We Understand Your Organization's needs

Over 25 years in business working with a wide mix of industry has given NetSys+ the opportunity to bring the best of the best to our clients. Our experience and understanding of different business needs gives our clients an advantage.


Systems Review

Our Relationship With Clients Begin With A Handshake

An initial client consultation includes an interview with management and/or key staff to get a scope of the organization's needs and the technologies currently in place. An assessment of existing IT infrastructure is performed to assist in tailoring an effective and economical strategy.  In our business a broad understanding of different industries is required, our job begins by knowing what your business needs.

Assessments for Security and Compliance

Information and the systems that process it are among the most valuable assets of any organization. Understanding and measuring risk in relationship to business operations is imperative for everyone.

NetSys+ provides the expertise and tools necessary to develop and implement risk management:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Policy & procedure
  • Compliance review.

Through every phase of security management our team can assist in providing and implementing industry specific security control objectives.